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According to new research £50 million pounds worth of unwanted jewellery could be in homes across Britain. These may be gifts, legacies or grannies treasures hidden in the depths of dressing table draws, jewel boxes and safes just gathering dust.

While some jewellery is held for a rainy day, many items are simply forgotten without ever knowing there true value.

Last year's sales at Bonham's London included a blue diamond 'Trombino ring' which sold for a staggering £6.2million. These diamond set natural pearl earrings circa 1925 were brought into the auctioneers in a supermarket carrier and went on to sell for £157,250.00.




Jean Ghika, head of jewellery in the UK and Europe at Bonhams said "We estimate there is at least £50 million worth of unwanted jewellery that owners have forgotten or never worn just waiting for a new home." Over the years we've had some astonishing finds, often brought to us in carrier bags or wrapped in tea towels.

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We at Icecool diamonds would like to congratulate Grace and Richard on their wedding day and wish them both well in their future life together. We were privileged to be involved in their journey, from creating Graces custom made diamond engagement ring, to the couples bespoke wedding rings.

We wish to all the very best


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A 28.18 ct. exceptional platinum, Kashmir sapphire, and diamond ring sold for almost $5.1 million at Sotheby's New York on April 29.

An anonymous buyer paid $180,731 per ct, setting a new world auction record for price per carat for any sapphire.

The sapphire is mounted in a platinum ring and is framed by 32 tapered baguette cut diamonds.



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As the birthstone for April it is the ideal time to treat yourself or a loved one to a beautiful diamond jewellery gift.

The diamond is the traditional birthstone for April, and for those of you born in this month it is thought to give the wearer better relationships and increased inner strength. Wearing diamonds is also meant to bring balance, clarity and abundance to the wearer. Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of Love. 

Diamond comes from the Greek words adamas meaning "unbreakable". Most diamonds formed more than a billion years ago! They form about 100 miles below the earths surface, where the temperatures and pressure are just right. Diamonds are the hardest natural material on earth. 

It is unclear how the specific months became connected with various stones, but it is speculated that their origins date back to Biblical times.



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Sparkling yellow diamonds are currently one of the most fashionable ways to wear precious jewellery. The yellow diamond is bright, fiery and sparkles like any other diamond - a true rare beauty.


We at Icecool diamonds have noticed a trend over the past few years that have seen a strong growth in yellow and other coloured diamonds and gemstone, with yellow diamonds being undoubtedly the most popular.


Yellow diamonds were long seen as rarities reserved for royalty. But luxury consumer’s desire for all colored diamonds, as well as the soaring price of white diamonds, has given yellow diamonds a real momentum.   


Celebrities have long been wearers of brightly colored stones, from Marilyn Monroe to Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood and most recently Jane Fonda, who wore a pair of 28ct yellow diamond earrings.


Tiffany has played a part in the rising trend of yellow diamonds and as owners of one of the largest 128.54ct Tiffany Yellow Diamond, they developed a marketing campaign around a collection of Tiffany Yellow Diamond Jewels, which has contributed to the rise in the demand for this stunning rare & precious stone


Yellow diamonds vary greatly in price. Lighter stones can sell for less than half the price of top-quality colorless white diamonds, while the fanciest fiery, vivid yellow diamonds will command a small fortune.


We at Icecool diamonds would love to help you create the perfect yellow diamond jewel. To find out more on yellow diamonds and our bespoke service visit or call Nina on 020 7936 4007


Here are some of the world’s amazing yellow diamonds



The Tiffany Yellow Diamond

The Tiffany yellow diamond one of the largest yellow diamonds ever discovered, weighing 128.54cts.  The diamond is known to have been worn by only two women during its lifetime, Mrs Sheldon Whitehouse at the 1957 Tiffany Ball and Audrey Hepburn in 1961 publicity photograph for Breakfast at Tiffany. Today the Tiffany yellow diamond has been reset into a magnificent diamond necklace.


The Sun-Drop Diamond


The Sun-Drop diamond, a 110.03ct fancy vivid yellow pear shape diamond is the world’s largest pear shape yellow diamond and set a record when it sold for $12.4 million USD in November 2011.


The Moon of Baroda.

The Moon of Baroda is a 24.01ct pear shape diamond discovered in Vadodara (Baroda) India. The diamond is a canary yellow in colour and was originally owned by the Maharajas of Baroda. The Royal Family of Gaekwad Maharajas was in possession of the diamond for almost 500 years. The gem was later worn by singer and actress Marilyn Monroe.


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