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Let us turn your jewellery into something you prefer. Icecool diamonds, the leading online diamond jewellery boutique and bespoke atelier, has all the answers with their new and refreshing Remodel and Mend Service. can help you rejuvenate your rocks and feels this is the ideal moment to remodel and revamp your jewels and gems, to give a fresh new, contemporary look to any diamonds, however small and seemingly insignificant, buried in the depths of dressing table drawers, jewel-boxes and safes. They may be gifts, legacies, granny's treasures, forgotten purchases or simply just out-of-date or tired settings, perhaps impulse purchases, bonus driven, that seemed like a good idea at the time.

Why not come and see us or email and we will help you transform your jewels into the latest designs. You can also send us an enquiry via the Contact Us page. Icecool diamonds can create your dream jewel using your very own diamonds and gemstones at minimum expense.

Recycle, regenerate and recharge your look for the fashion season ahead.

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