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Icecool diamonds Limited has a wealth of experience and expertise in both diamonds and precious jewellery and understand that just as each diamond is individual, with its own personality, so should your diamond jewel be a precious, personal and custom made piece. At Icecool diamonds we believe that every jewel has a story to tell and that every diamond, like each of our customers, is unique.

In answer to today's ever-escalating quest for individuality, Icecool diamonds exclusive bespoke service, gives you the opportunity to create a diamond jewel that is unique and individual to you, perhaps to celebrate life’s milestones, engagement, anniversary, graduation, and importantly, the perfect expression of your personal style.

Icecool diamonds offer you the chance create an individual engagement ring, or dress ring online via our engagement ring journey, offering endless permutations of shape, cut, size of diamond and a sumptuous selection of settings, in white or yellow gold and platinum.

Alternatively, we offer a remodel and mend service, giving you the chance to rejuvenate your rocks, to give a fresh new, contemporary look to any jewel, however small or seemingly insignificant, buried in the depths of dressing table drawers, jewel boxes and safes. They may be gifts, legacies, granny’s treasures, forgotten purchases or simply just out-of date or tired settings. We at Icecool diamonds will consult and recreate with you, your dream jewel using your own diamonds and metal at minimum expense. Recycle, regenerate and recharge your look – new diamond jewels for old.

Why not come to see us, or telephone us, for a personal design consultation. Our leading designer and diamond jewellery consultants will translate your ideas and dreams into sketches, offering a choice of different interpretations, to suit budget and taste. Once a design has been agreed, the ring or jewel will be exquisitely crafted, and hand-set, by Icecool’s skilled and experienced artisans within a matter of weeks. And the service can be tailored to any budget; commissions can start at as little as £750.

We understand just how much emotion and expectation is wrapped up in a special commission, and we encourage customers to give free rein to their imaginations, and to share their secret diamond desires with us. Why not come and see us, or telephone us, for a personal consultation.

Icecool diamonds not only make exceptional, personalised diamond jewellery, we create scintillating future memories.

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Nina Michaels
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