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The Perfect diamond cut. The proportions, symmetry and finish give you the finest possible quality to create the most incredible theatre of fire and brilliance. Some of our diamonds in this quality will be described as 'hearts and arrows', where a heart and arrow effect can be magically seen when viewed through a special scope. For those who only want the absolute finest.


Reflects and disperses the light that enters the diamond superbly to create a magical theatre of fire and brilliance. Excellent proportions, symmetry and finish assure of a very fine make that beautifully brings your diamond to life.

Very Good

Reflects and disperses most of the light that enters the diamond, creating very good brilliance and fire. The proportions and symmetry are of a very high quality so that only a very slight amount of light is refracted through the sides (crown) and bottom (pavillion) of the diamond. Diamonds of this cut offer you a very good combination of value for money and very high quality.


Reflects and disperses much of the light that enters the diamond. The proportions and symmetry fall outside of our premium cuts because the diamond cutter has chosen to create the largest diamond possible from the original rough crystal, rather than removing extra weight to produce a finer overall cut. Diamonds of this cut offer you a superb value for money without sacrificing the eternal beauty of the diamond.

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