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Story of Diamonds

About Diamonds - Story about Diamonds
  1. What are diamonds made of?
  2. How old are diamonds and where do they come from?
  3. Where does the word 'diamond' originate from?
  4. What does the word 'carat' mean?
  5. What makes up the value of a diamond?
  6. What is the powerful magic and mystery of the diamond?
  7. Where does the custom of the engagement ring come from?
  8. Why are diamonds the eternal symbol of love?
  9. What does the diamond that you choose say about you?
  10. Which one is for you?

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What are diamonds made of?

Each diamond is the result of an amazing natural journey which has turned an ancient element into the world's most precious and mystical gem. Diamonds were pure carbon crystallised at high temperatures and pressures, 100 miles beneath the earth's crust. There they remained, keeping their precious secrets, until powerful forces carried them upward within volcanic molten lava, only to be concealed again by falling ash and rock.

Over millions of years, the wrath of nature in the form of winds, water, heat and cold would rework the landscape time and time again. Only a small number of diamonds managed to survive this remarkable journey. Of those that did, only a tiny proportion that have been found are of a size and quality that can be cut, polished and set into jewellery. The diamond is a true miracle.

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