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What is the powerful magic and mystery of the diamond?

  1. What are diamonds made of?
  2. How old are diamonds and where do they come from?
  3. Where does the word 'diamond' originate from?
  4. What does the word 'carat' mean?
  5. What makes up the value of a diamond?
  6. What is the powerful magic and mystery of the diamond?
  7. Where does the custom of the engagement ring come from?
  8. Why are diamonds the eternal symbol of love?
  9. What does the diamond that you choose say about you?
  10. Which one is for you?

story diamond value

The magic and mystery of diamonds has fascinated and intrigued mankind for centuries.

No tool could cut them and no fire could burn them which led many to believe that diamonds had unique supernatural powers.

To the Greeks they were the tears of the God, while Romans believed they were shards from the stars. For the Indians they were good-luck charms warding off illness, thieves and forces of evil. To others they were stones that would heal and bestow knowledge.

Diamonds became eagerly sought after by the world's most wealthy and powerful people. In fact it was a common belief among Kings that wearing a diamond into battle would magically protect the wearer. It was not uncommon to see royal armouries glittering with diamond-embellished weapons.

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