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What does the diamond that you choose say about you?

  1. What are diamonds made of?
  2. How old are diamonds and where do they come from?
  3. Where does the word 'diamond' originate from?
  4. What does the word 'carat' mean?
  5. What makes up the value of a diamond?
  6. What is the powerful magic and mystery of the diamond?
  7. Where does the custom of the engagement ring come from?
  8. Why are diamonds the eternal symbol of love?
  9. What does the diamond that you choose say about you?
  10. Which one is for you?

story symbol of love

All diamonds are mystical, magical, symbolic and brilliant. The most popular choice, by far, is the round brilliant.

But the shape that you do choose is a true reflection of you. Here is a guide to what your diamond choice says about you.

The round brilliant diamond understated and classic
The oval diamond influenced by opinion
The marquise diamond adventurous
The heart diamond real romantic
The emerald-cut diamond loves vintage
The pear diamond creative
The princess trendy and fashion-conscious

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